How to Write a Killer Cover Letter for Your Resume

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How to Write a Killer Cover Letter for Your Resume

Writing a cover letter for your resume as a Software Engineer doesn’t need to be that complicated. Gayle Laakmann McDowell, the author of “Cracking the Coding Interview” gave me a few helpful hints on what a cover letter should include. I’ll give you a short list of those items, and a nice clean sample cover letter so you can write your own.

Cover Letter for a Software Engineer

Gayle suggested that Software engineers write a new cover letter for each position. Your cover letter should include the following things.

  • Address your cover letter to a person.
  • Make the reader interested.
  • First paragraph: Show your passion for the job.
  • Second paragraph: Who are you?
  • Add a short list of your accomplishments. (3 items are plenty.)
  • Keep it short. [Around 250 words]
  • Show some real weaknesses.

Although the list seems quite long, don’t let it scare you off. It’s not all that difficult. In fact, when you’re feeling passionate about your career, and you’re in the moment, that’s the perfect time to write your cover letter. Your passion will drive you to write something amazing that you probably wouldn’t otherwise think to write. That’s how I wrote my cover letter.

My Cover Letter for My Resume as a Senior Software Engineer

Dear Mark Zuckerberg,

I’ve had my heart set on becoming part of the Facebook team for a long time. Facebook is all about connecting the world, and ever since I was a little boy, I’ve had a fascination with robots. At 5 years old, I had always assumed robots to be humanoid robots with human-level intelligence, even if they looked all blocky.

Now I’m a grown man, and my passion for artificial intelligence still hasn’t changed. I’ve been researching artificial intelligence on my personal time, as I envision a world where those boyhood dreams of intelligent humanoid robots are our friends and neighbors. My goal is to connect the world through artificial intelligence, and what better way to start doing that than working at Facebook?

I don’t have a Ph. D. in artificial intelligence, and heck, I don’t even have a college degree. In fact, I dropped out of college, just like you, and also like you I followed my passions in life. After that self-study project where I learned HTML, I could never bring myself to stop programming… for over 13 years!

During those 13 years, I’ve authored a book entitled, “The New Frontier in Web API Programming,” in which I teach other scientists how to optimize API infrastructure at-scale through the use of a dedicated API Call Server. I wrote the book based on the API Optimization Engine

[AOE], an open source project I developed to function as that dedicated API Call Server.

I hope I’ve piqued your interest, Mark Zuckerberg, and I hope we can work together real soon.


Rick Mac Gillis

Photo Credit: Pixabay

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