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Terms & Conditions

This website and it’s authors and affiliates are not responsible for any losses you may incur or the way you utilize the information published on this website. The information I provide is for educational purposes only and I do not guarantee the validity of any of my content, though I do make an effort to keep my information valid.


Some of the images I host on our website are from third-party websites. I only include images that are legal for me to reuse. (Such copyrights are often under one of the Creative Commons licenses for example.) In the event that you find an image on my website that infringes on your copyrights, please send a message via the contact form and let me know. I will respond with a request for an official signed document stating I’m infringing upon your copyrights. Upon receipt of the document, I will remove the image in question. Be sure to include the link to the image or images in dispute.


The Terms & Conditions are subject to new updates without warning and was last updated on July 26th, 2016.