API Optimization Engine [AOE] – An API Call Server


Project Description API Optimization Engine - High Availability API Call Server I invented the API Optimization Engine [AOE] as a product for Bit API Hub, one of my old companies. After the business failed to launch, I converted the product to an open source project. My [...]

Bluewater Yacht Sales – WordPress Plugin


Project Description Bluewater Yacht Sales WordPress MLS Plugin Bluewater Yacht Sales needed a way to tap into the ever-growing MLS market where yacht brokers all over the world pool their listings into a single service for other companies to list. I built a WordPress plugin to [...]

Maine Chiro – The Maine Chiropractic Association


Project Description Maine Chiro - Find A Chiropractor The Maine Chiropractic Association [MCA / Maine Chiro] needed a way for prospective patients to find Chiropractors in their network. I wrote a profile website so that their prospective patients can search for providers, see if the provider [...]

Loyola Retreat House – GiveCamp 2016


Project Description Loyola Retreat House - Cleveland GiveCamp 2016 Loyola Retreat House is a Christian retreat facility for people to relax. The client maintained their old site using Frontpage 2003, and so it was quite dated... to say the least. The client and I worked together [...]

WebAlgo Tests – A PHP Framework for Internal Use


Project Description WebAlgo Testing Project My client developed the WebAlgo PHP Framework for internal use in his company, however, he wrote it over several years and his skills changed during that time, as did the software landscape. My goal was to write the tests for his [...]

Bit API Hub – Marketing Website Project


Project Description Bit API Hub Website Bit API Hub needed a pre-launch website to attract prospective clients. I developed the website from the ground up using FuelPHP as the framework and I created an engaging UI with Animate.css. I've shown the website to multiple clients and they've [...]

Automation: Rick Mac Gillis’ Business Website


Project Description Automation Services Website My goal was to showcase my work, and to attract new clients by proving what I can do to boost their profits and give them more free time through the use of automation. To accomplish that, I built a website from [...]