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All of my clients have great experiences. Don’t take my word for it. Read it for yourself!

“Great PHP Engineer. Talented, creative, takes ownership of the project as though it was his own. I’d work with him again in a heartbeat.”

Green Ball

Mohamed Amtoun


“It is very easy to communicate with Patrick, he understands business needs and provides solutions.”

Green Ball

Thibault Geenen


“Great experience with a developer who’s true professional in both PHP and Javascript!”

Green Ball

Alan Parddew

Past Client

“Excellent provider more business coming your way Rick. Thank you!”

Green Ball

George Vasu


“Rick has done an outstanding job in validating the FuelPHP codebase, addressing coding standard issues, and code testing, writing concise issue reports and valuable suggestions for fixes and amendments. The team was exceptionally pleased with the effort Rick has put in running FuelPHP through the OWASP Testing Guide.”

Green Ball

Harro Verton


“Patrick was exceptional in his efforts on our project. He was always available to discuss the progress and moved faster than we were prepared for, which was a good thing. Looking forward to re-engaging with him for future work.”

Green Ball

Eric Stowe

The Stowe Law Firm

“I think Rick is a fast learner, innovative and forward thinker, able to think outside the box, friendly and good helper / leader.”

Green Ball

Oladapo Ajayi



Automate Tedious Tasks

These Are Just Some Of The Tasks You Can Automate

  • Gain an unlimited supply of energetic new members – Let other companies offer your services along with theirs.

  • Have 1,000 retailers sell your products – Let retailers access your store’s inventory with your API, and sell your products.

  • Handle your personal affairs instantly – You have way too much to manage on your own, and you don’t have the time to hire and train a butler.

  • Use Zapier to handle new client paperwork distribution and copy and paste operations.

  • Use WebMerge to handle copy and paste operations from one document to other documents.

  • Automatically publish your blog posts all over social media.

  • Feed your pet poodle on time with your fancy-pants home automation system that’s API-enabled.

  • Make an automated phone call to Granny to remind her to put curlers in her hair at 3AM… just because.

  • You know that foghorn you just installed above your garage? Let’s go ahead and blast that sucker at midnight… using an API! (API-enabled foghorn required. Installation not included.)

Who Is This Guy Anyway?

Rick Mac Gillis

Who Am I?

Rick Mac Gillis is the inventor of the API Optimization Engine, and has contributed to the Computer Science industry by devoting time to improving projects, such as the PHP RAML Parser project, and the FuelPHP Framework.

Rick created Hack Fast Algos, an open source algorithm library designed to aid aspiring Software Engineers in their quest for algorithmic knowledge.

Rick also gives back to the community by programming for charity at the GiveCamp Hackathon.

  • Author of “The New Frontier in Web API Programming”
  • API Development and Integration Specialist
  • Inventor of the API Optimization Engine
  • In business as a Software Engineering Contractor since 2003
  • Creator of Hack Fast Algos, an algorithm library with over 100 algorithms

Do You Speak Geek?

My blog is full of fun stuff about Software Engineering, including Artificial Intelligence, Science, and even Kimchi Fried Rice. Check it out, and find yourself a good read!

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