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Hey, I’m Rick & I Make Amazing Stuff. Check It Out!

With over 70,000+ cups of coffee and counting, I’m flying high and ready for your project.

Rick has done an outstanding job in validating the FuelPHP codebase, addressing coding standard issues, and code testing, writing concise issue reports and valuable suggestions for fixes and amendments. The team was exceptionally pleased with the effort Rick has put in running FuelPHP through the OWASP Testing Guide.
Harro VertonHarro Verton, FuelPHP
Great PHP Engineer. Talented, creative, takes ownership of the project as though it was his own. I’d work with him again in a heartbeat.
Rick is an excellent PHP developer. On top of being a talented programmer, Rick is passionate, gets up to speed quickly, shows initiative and makes some great suggestions. I look forward to working with Rick again and highly recommend him, as I believe he would be an asset to any team/company he works with.
Mohamed AmtounMohamed Amtoun, Questalia
Patrick was exceptional in his efforts on our project. He was always available to discuss the progress and moved faster than we were prepared for, which was a good thing. Looking forward to re-engaging with him for future work.
Eric StoweEric Stowe, The Stowe Law Firm
Dennis Jarecke on The New Frontier in Web API Programming:

Serial Entrepreneur and Full Stack Web Developer Rick Mac Gillis reveals the next evolution in web programming.

Today the stakes are higher. Much higher. Chief Technology Officers and developers must insure their projects and web infrastructure can withstand the onslaught of increasingly complex API calls… even on top of the slow and antiquated TCP/IP stack.

Rick explains where the industry is currently at, and more importantly, what the future holds for CTOs and developers who must deliver superior results to their clients and their businesses.

Rick shows what you can do today to insure minimal, robust code that’s shockingly easy to maintain AND at speeds well beyond your competition. Rick puts your team on the cutting edge of web technology with simple strategies and insights that only an industry veteran can deliver.

Dennis JareckeDennis Jarecke, Six Sycamores

You’re Not Alone. I’m Standing Behind You.

Well, not literally, of course. I’m standing behind your bottom line! [Deliberately cheesy] Hey, I once saved a client 75% off of the initial time investment when they switched API providers because I build their software using a modular design. The change took only 10 hours instead of 50. Want to see how much I can save you?

  • Contact me nearly 24/7
  • You’ll get periodic project updates – Stay in the loop without the constant barrage of messages.
  • Agile Software Development – Start using critical portions of your project almost immediately with weekly roll-outs.
  • Heck, my clients seem to treat me as a friend. Be prepared for a professional friendship!

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