Would You Like to See This Level of Success for Your Business?

Revenue Chart
This chart is the gross revenue generated by just one of Rick’s companies. Our goal is to help you achieve the same results or better in your own business.

You’re Too Expensive.

When a client says “your rate is too expensive,” ask them, “compared to what?” Then ask them what would make it worth the money. Also, if they compare you to a $10 coder, then ask them what would happen if they hired that $10 coder. If they make an invalid claim, let them know that other clients have come to you after hiring cheap labor who wasted years of their time, and thousands of dollars of their money. You make it right.

“I Started on Government Welfare”

“For well over a decade I struggled financially, and then one day, through the good hearts of the people on Quora, I started getting paid for my work as a software engineer. After a successful year on Upwork, I built a web development agency, and grew it into Dragon Cloud. Imagine what you can do with your own skill set when I literally didn’t have $20 to my name each month once the bills were all paid. SSI provided me with only $720 per month at its high point.”
– Rick Mac Gillis
Your Team

To build a successful business, it’s imperative that you have a team. Think of how dead amusement parks would be if only one person was trying to run the entire thing.

You Must Sell

A company without sales is like an old-timey Schooner ship without sails: it’s not going to go anywhere. No, worse – it’ll go into debt before it dies. The easiest and most successful way to sell is to listen.


Your team is your new family. Treat them well and they’ll always want to work with you. Through the good times and bad times, it’s your job as the leader to keep morale.

Get the Word Out

Whether you scale your company through the success of a third-party initially, or spend thousands on marketing directly, you absolutely must get the word out. Ultimately you cannot afford to be at the mercy of a third-party.

Stagnancy Kills!

A company that never grows to new heights will get stuck in a rut that will eventually cause it to collapse with time. Business agility and growth will ensure your business survives. Always scale your business.

Your Name Means a Lot (Branding)

No name companies do not grow. People prefer to shop with a company they trust, and the more people see your name, the more they trust you. It’s a psychological truth, even if it doesn’t make sense. Why do you shop where you shop?

Break Through Your Profit Plateau

Take 1 minute for yourself right now, and close your eyes (after reading this paragraph, of course.) See yourself sitting in your dream home. Feel the texture of the chair you’re sitting in. Look around the room and see what’s in front of you; hear what’s around you. You have the kind of income you know you deserve, and that’s what made this home possible. It’s all in the series of events that lead up to that income, and your life has only just begun to start looking amazing.
What you just experienced is where you’ll be when you take the next step to learn how to be that successful. The best part is that you do not need to do it alone. In fact, if you do it alone you’ll be extremely inefficient. You simply don’t have the time it takes to do everything on your own.
When you add Rick to your team, he will help you grow your business through proven software strategies he has used to build the companies he has founded and sold. (Yes, they got acquired for their software assets: one of which was an entire online freelance marketplace!)