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What’s your hourly rate, and how is it calculated? 2017-05-18T14:45:57+00:00
Some projects work best as an hourly rate project, whereas other projects work best as a flat-rate project. In both cases, my rate is based on the type of project and its duration. My quotes are negotiable, just like when you buy a car. In fact, if you didn’t negotiate, I’d be more concerned.

Generally there are several tiers: small projects

[< 1 week], medium projects [1 week – 1 month], and large projects [over 1 month].

Get a Quote

Get in touch with me and let’s discuss your project. I’ll give you a quote afterwards. To see a ballpark figure, visit my UpWork profile.

Will You Sign a Nondisclosure Agreement? 2017-05-18T14:45:57+00:00
Some smaller clients have asked me to sign a Nondisclosure agreement
[NDA]. If you’re concerned about such things, please find a different provider. The reason I refuse to sign your NDA is not because I want to steal your ideas; it’s because asking a developer to sign an NDA carries with it a certain negative connotation. Asking someone to sign an NDA, whether it’s a developer, investor, or your own mom, shows that you don’t trust that person. While you’re right to not trust everyone who comes up to you, you’re approaching me, and that must mean that you have a certain degree of trust in me that I can get the job done.

Your NDA is a Copy and Paste Job

Nondisclosure agreements are often copy-and-paste jobs that say the same thing. Even if you had your NDA professionally written, consider the fact that your attorney or paralegal most likely gave you the same document that they’ve given another client only with your name on it. In fact, they’d be a fool not to do it that way. Why should they write the same thing twice?

Now, that being said, as a developer, I often reuse code from other projects. While the finished project never looks the same, some of the same code gets used on multiple projects. In fact, that’s why frameworks exist all over the place. Code reuse does not mean that I’m selling your idea to other people, nor does it mean that I’m selling you the same product as someone else. It simply means that, like your attorney or paralegal who wrote your NDA, I too wish to save time by not writing the same thing twice. You also save money that way.

Your NDA would rob me of my ability to write even a single line of code the same way in two different projects. Heck in some cases you don’t even have to prove that I stole your idea. You could just have me sign an NDA with a proper provision, take me to court claiming that I stole your idea, and get paid as much money as that NDA afforded you for that situation. Happens.

I’m certainly not alone in my reasoning that a Nondisclosure Agreement is a bad idea.

Rick IS NOTIS accepting new clients at this time.