Rejected News Articles

/Rejected News Articles

Peruse the archive of news articles my editors decided not to release.

Bitcoin ATM Fail – A Look at How Far Bitcoin ATMs Have Come

This article made Caleb quite upset. He didn't like that another article had already covered some of this information and that the videos were fairly old. He also told me that the ATM in England is not actually a Robocoin ATM, despite the fact that the video states it's made by Robocoin. Back in April [...]

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Daily Bitcoin Mining Fact or Fiction – See if You Can Guess if the Article is True

Every day you'll be presented with a new short-story about the cryptocurrency world. Try and guess which stories are fact and which are just a figment of my imagination. The answer as to whether or not the story was fact or fiction will be presented in the next day's article. See how many you can [...]

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