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How’s my career going? Oh, it’s going swell. *mischievous grin*

The $5,000 Horror Story of a Past Client

Many of my clients come to me after trying to save money when hiring a developer. Every last one of them has the same horror story. They have to start their project over from scratch, and none of them are able to get their money back from the cheap developer. Let me tell you a [...]

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Cleveland GiveCamp 2016: Project Loyola

Loyola Retreat House This one time, at GiveCamp, I kissed a chair and I liked it... Ahem! Cleveland GiveCamp is a place where we code for charity, and this year I was the Project Manager for Loyola Retreat House. Loyola is a Christian non-profit who provides a relaxing atmosphere for people to retreat from their [...]

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How to Write a Killer Cover Letter for Your Resume

Writing a cover letter for your resume as a Software Engineer doesn't need to be that complicated. Gayle Laakmann McDowell, the author of "Cracking the Coding Interview" gave me a few helpful hints on what a cover letter should include. I'll give you a short list of those items, and a nice clean sample cover [...]

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How to Exponentially Optimize Your Code for Speed

A 31 year old "dog" can definitely learn new tricks. I just finished learning basic algebra in under a week when all of my life I suffered through math. I've learned to no longer hate math, and in fact, I've found that when I related it to programming, my math ability rose. The moral of [...]

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Temp agency tests ruin PHP developer credibility. Here’s why.

I've been quite critical of temp agency tests, and their lack of ability to write a proper test, so I feel that I can shed some light on what questions tests really must focus on. What I'll list below are a mixture of security related functionality, best practices, and advanced functionality not documented very well [...]

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Journalism Incites – What’s I’ve Learned From My Career

When I started working for CCN, I wasn't sure what to expect. I figured that I'd be working for a good company, but I didn't expect the level of professionalism I've experienced while working at CCN. The company actually inspires me to be more professional, to work hard, and to take things seriously. I also [...]

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