Anderson Advisors

Today I’d like to introduce you to a company that has saved us thousands in tax dollars, and helped us keep our business secure. Anderson Business Advisors isn’t just about giving you business advice; they staff a team of attorneys specializing in business and taxes, as well as a team of accountants, bookkeepers and more. Let’s explore some of the key things they do which could benefit your company if you choose to hire them for your tax and legal department. (They only service people in the USA because of the nature of their business.)

Before we begin, I need to remind you that this article is not financial, legal, or tax advice. It’s just here to point you in the right direction of someone you may consider hiring to advise you on legal and tax issues. Dragon Cloud disclaims any liability arising from inaccurate information in this article. Over time everything changes, and while our team tries its best to only publish articles with factual information – laws, business services, and other information often change.

1. Business Structuring

Do you have your name attached to your company records with the state? If you get sued personally, the plaintiff’s attorney will probably search through the public records to see if you own any businesses or other assets. If you’re not founded in a state where a charging-order is the litigant’s only recourse, then they might proceed to sue you, whereas if your business is founded in a state where a charging-order is the litigant’s only recourse, they might decide it’s not worth the effort to sue you for your business.

Those are just a couple things that a properly-structured business could provide you.

2. Tax Reduction

Most accountants don’t look for every last tax deduction and tax credit you’re entitled to. A lot of accountants will skip over some deductions and credits because they think you’ll be under more scrutiny by the IRS and may get audited. They often don’t even offer free audit protection where they handle the audit at no additional charge.

With Anderson, you get all of your deductions and credits, and at the time of writing, they stand by you with free audit protection when they do your taxes.

3. They’ll Train You

A lot of the preparation for lowering your taxes is dependent on what you do through the year. (Ex. Tracking your business miles you drive, collecting receipts for business meals and travel, etc.) They have an extensive video library, ebooks to download, Tax-Wise webinars, and more. All of that is included in your subscription with them.

4. Ask Them Questions

You’ll have questions come up all the time in business and in your personal life where it relates to taxes, legal advice, and business advice in general. Included with your subscription is the opportunity to ask them questions specific to your needs.

5. Contract Reviews

Contracts state what can and cannot happen in a business engagement. If you need an attorney-screened contract from their contract library, or you’ve built/found one of your own, you can make sure Anderson reviews your contracts for you before you put them in place with your business.

6. Events

Anderson hosts live events in Las Vegas, as well as live-streamed events if you don’t want to travel. They range from tax and asset protection, up to executive retreats for networking on cruise ships.

7. Bookkeeping

Let them focus on your bookkeeping needs and keep everything well planed for when it comes time for their team to do your taxes. Your initial investment in their Tax Package includes a set number of hours for taxes and bookkeeping.


This is not a sponsored article, and Dragon Cloud doesn’t get anything for referring you to Anderson. That should tell you how much we value Anderson’s business proposition.

Our Inner Circle program focuses extensively on business strategy for software companies, whereas Anderson’s business advice is more focused on real estate. Dragon Cloud doesn’t advise, or work on legal and tax issues, so as a software company you might consider ordering Anderson’s services to compliment our services.