Social Media is the Key to Customer Trust

You might be of the mindset that I was only about a week ago in that you have no idea where to start when it comes to Social Media marketing. Well, I’m of the mindset that if you follow the lead of the successful people, you too will become successful.

When I started building up my social media markets I knew that i needed to create accounts and business pages on the largest social networks around, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Linked In. When I started I had no idea just how I could get people to like my page, follow me, or jump for joy for simply being around. Heh! Well, it’s not really about who you know when it comes to upping the numbers to impress customers. It’s all about HOW you gain those numbers.

Lots of companies want the same attention you do. In fact, I don’t know of a single company who wouldn’t like to gain over 100 followers in a day like I did. So, what do the major players do to attract so much attention? Is it really just that people like them so much? Well, maybe, but you’re the little guy just starting out and you want to help your company grow. You want to be recognized in the market before your launch date so that you can actually make sales.

Customers think that the more likes and follows you have, the more people must be using your services or must be interested in your launch. Peer pressure sets in and people start to trust you, especially if you have a big honkin’ flag (social widget) on your home page that says you have hundreds or thousands of followers and likes on your company’s social properties.

Your business needs this push to make sure that new customers see you are a large, trustworthy business right when you open. If you have a smart phone, be sure to install the apps for all of the major social media players. (Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and Google+)



TWITTER: Search for something that’s the most general term in your market. If you’re in the Bitcoin market, search for Bitcoin. A long list of relevant leads and companies will come up on your screen. Go down the list and hit every follow button you can. The list will infinitely scroll with new leads and Twitter allows you to even use the “See more people you know” button. Click that and hit the “check all” box and then hit follow. Do the same for the contacts in your email address to invite them.

Everyone receives only one message, so you are certainly not spamming anyone. No one knows that you’ve just spent the last hour following everyone on Twitter. Auto-DMs (Automatic direct messages) might start to pour in which are awesome for marketing. You should get a service that sends auto-DMs for you or use Twitter’s API to build your own for free.

The auto-DMs which you receive are great for finding more useful services and they can help you to learn how to craft a non-spammy auto-DM response for your own company. Those who use auto-DMs stand out from everyone else whom you’ve just followed when they use it appropriately. Make your company shine, too.

People you follow will follow you back a lot of the time. This is why you’ll wind up with hundreds of followers. Your new followers will have your tweets wind up on their home page and you have the opportunity for a lot of people to see your new tweets.

LINKED IN – Search for your keyword again and start hitting the check button on every person in your industry. Some people set their accounts to not accept invites from just anyone. You can send them a message if you really want to network with them, but you can just skip them if you aren’t particularly interested in them.

People on Linked In are looking to network and you just set yourself up to meet some really interesting people while expanding your network. People here will usually add you to their network and some people might even send you a message right away. Be sure to reply to them as they could be a mutually beneficial connection. Learn from your new lead. Get to know them. If they ask for your help, help them out if you’re able to.

Chances are that you’re part of my network and this group is an example of how you can leverage your network to help you and everyone you’ve just networked with. I’ve invited everyone in my network to join this group, not so that I could market to them, but so that I can network with them and perhaps make some new friends, find employees, or maybe even business partners later on down the road. People are people and you never know whom you’ll meet. Find ways to help others and they’ll help you. That’s how a business grows.

GOOGLE+: Search for your key term again and start hitting the “follow” button. People will follow you back.



FACEBOOK: It’s not readily apparent on you you can get people to like your new page, but there is a way to do it. Your business’ page cannot have friends, only likes, but your personal Facebook account can have friends. What you need to do in order to get lots of likes is to search for your keyword and add people as your friend.

Once you’ve added a bunch of new friends and they’ve confirmed your friendship, you can now go to your business’ Facebook page. On the left column, you’ll either see a list of your friends with an “Invite” button next to them, or you’ll need to click the link in that area to show your friends list. Hit every “Invite” button to invite them to like your page.

Be sure to scroll down the list as it won’t remove invited people from the list until you refresh the page.


Photos Credits: Share button and Twitter logo snatched from Pixabay, Bit API Hub is all mine!