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Rick Mac Gillis

Who Am I?

Rick Mac Gillis is the inventor of the API Optimization Engine, and has contributed to the Computer Science industry by devoting time to improving projects, such as the PHP RAML Parser project, and the FuelPHP Framework.

Rick created Hack Fast Algos, an open source algorithm library designed to aid aspiring Software Engineers in their quest for algorithmic knowledge.

Rick also gives back to the community by programming for charity at the GiveCamp Hackathon.

  • Author of “The New Frontier in Web API Programming”
  • API Development and Integration Specialist
  • Inventor of the API Optimization Engine
  • In business as a Software Engineering Contractor since 2003
  • Creator of Hack Fast Algos, an algorithm library with over 100 algorithms

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Rick Mac Gillis
Rick Mac GillisSoftware Engineering Contractor
Let me automate your life so you can have more time for you. Don’t waste your life at the office. Oh, and check out my GitHub and Quora.

Some of my highlights

Software Engineering blends art and science together into the ultimate masterpiece when done correctly. You may not realize it, but code truly can look beautiful. Clean modular code dramatically improves the maintainability factor saving you tens of thousands of dollars when that same code needs to change. Clean code is easy to read, so you’ll have less bugs in your code so your customers will feel more confident in your company. 

Clean code will…

  • Save you $10,000+
  • Dramatically reduce development time when your system changes
  • Increase customer confidence due to the lack of bugs in your software
From the back cover of “The New Frontier in Web API Programming”

Your Slow infrastructure is killing your profits!

Do you use a single API Call Processing Server? Worse yet, do you have all of your web servers making individual API calls all on their own?

Just a single API transaction takes 9 steps to complete through TCP, and your system is getting bogged down with delays from TCP communications. The internet runs on HTTP, and HTTP runs on TCP.

You may have heard of HTTP 2.0, but that only helps to speed up websites with multiple resources. API calls only use a single resource per call.

You could still use websockets to keep some of the overhead low. However, the TCP/IP stack is just one of many bottlenecks in your infrastructure.

Did you know that you don’t need to collect the response from every API call you make? What if you could always speak to every API in your format of choice? I’ll show you how.

In this book, you’ll learn about how implementing an API Call Processing Server or cloud can dramatically reduce the time to transact with an API, reduce your web server overhead, and make programming with APIs so much easier.

  • Contact me nearly 24/7
  • You’ll get periodic project updates – Stay in the loop without the constant barrage of messages.
  • Agile Software Development – Start using critical portions of your project almost immediately with weekly roll-outs.
  • Heck, my clients seem to treat me as a friend. Be prepared for a professional friendship!
In my spare time, I research Artificial Intelligence, and I draw new conclusions about how code can replicate the goings-on in the human brain. For instance, did you know that Natural Language Processing is used in many AI applications, yet it probably isn’t the best way to make a computer artificially intelligent?

From my research, I conclude that a computer should start off with a newborn baby’s intelligence, and learn everything from scratch, including human language constructs.

Remember that the more we try to write code to make the computer understand how to do something, the more boated the codebase, and the less self-sufficient the computer becomes. It’s best to let the computer form a deep understanding of human languages instead of trying to write code that allows it to automatically understand such things.

Here’s The Good Stuff. Some of My Best Work Is Featured Below.

My portfolio contains a bit of everything from Web Design, Web Development, Graphic Design, and even Technical Writing and beyond!

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Great PHP Engineer. Talented, creative, takes ownership of the project as though it was his own. I’d work with him again in a heartbeat.
Rick is an excellent PHP developer. On top of being a talented programmer, Rick is passionate, gets up to speed quickly, shows initiative and makes some great suggestions. I look forward to working with Rick again and highly recommend him, as I believe he would be an asset to any team/company he works with.
Mohamed AmtounMohamed Amtoun, Questalia
Rick is one of the best PHP developers when it comes to quality of the code! Also it was really cool to get the work delivered timely. Thanks again Rick!
Alan Parddew

Rick IS NOTIS accepting new clients at this time.