The $5,000 Horror Story of a Past Client

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The $5,000 Horror Story of a Past Client

Many of my clients come to me after trying to save money when hiring a developer. Every last one of them has the same horror story. They have to start their project over from scratch, and none of them are able to get their money back from the cheap developer. Let me tell you a story of one of my client’s struggles.

The Doctors’ Horror Story

A medical group decided they’d like to have a way for new prospective patients to find doctors in their organization. The group unfortunately didn’t have a lot of money to spend, as they’re a non-profit, so they hired the best developer they could afford at the time.

Month after month, the developer failed to meet the client’s needs, and the client held out hope. After spending around $5,000 on the developer, they finally said enough is enough, and they came to me to try to salvage the project. I performed a code review, and found that the codebase was a complete disaster. Nothing was well-organized. Files were jumbo-sized, the developer repeated the same code all over the place, and there wasn’t any well-defined rhyme or reason to how the budget developer designed the project. Unfortunately if I had refactored his code, it would be much more expensive than a full rewrite, and the client lost their $5,000 investment.

When you work with a developer, you get what you pay for. I stand by my work 100%, and that’s why I offer all of my clients a 30-Day Bug-Free Guarantee. If you find any bugs in my work within 30 days of the contract ending, I’ll repair the bugs at no additional charge.

Don’t let your project become just another horror story to hang on the wall. Modular code makes your project easy to maintain for any developer. If after our time together, you later hire another developer to work on your project, the next guy will have an easy time modifying your project to your new specifications. I write code that’s meant to last, and it’s made for other developers to change and extend it as your needs grow so you never have to start from scratch.

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