Growth Strategist and Coach – Meet Rick Mac Gillis

Rick is renowned for his success as one of the top software engineers in the industry. He is one of the most sought-after engineers by top companies, and has worked on contracts for the WTC, Dragon Cloud, Bluewater Yacht Sales, and other top brands both personally and through his companies.

Rick is a serial entrepreneur who has sold one company, and is now the Founder and CEO of Dragon Cloud. He is also a well-read published author, and he has repeatedly contributed his time as a volunteer Project Manager and Software Engineer at GiveCamp.
His journey began in 2003 with nothing to his name, and living on government welfare, and by 2016 he made a series of breakthroughs that earned him $37k in his first year of business, and he went on to make nearly $200k in his second year. His newsletter-blog condenses over a decade and a half of trial and error into easy-to-follow steps that will take you from zero-to-hero to place you at the top of your niche in the software industry.

Break Through Your Profit Plateau

Take 1 minute for yourself right now, and close your eyes (after reading this paragraph, of course.) See yourself sitting in your dream home. Feel the texture of the chair you’re sitting in. Look around the room and see what’s in front of you; hear what’s around you. You have the kind of income you know you deserve, and that’s what made this home possible. It’s all in the series of events that lead up to that income, and your life has only just begun to start looking amazing.
What you just experienced is where you’ll be when you take the next step to learn how to be that successful. The best part is that you do not need to do it alone. In fact, if you do it alone you’ll be extremely inefficient. You simply don’t have the time it takes to do everything on your own.
When you add Rick to your team, he will help you grow your business through proven strategies he has used to build the companies he has founded and sold.

Aaron Bielert

President of SparkkTV

SparkkTV, the independent film network giant, hired Rick to grow their company to new heights. Aaron Bielert, President of SparkkTV, gives Rick the ultimate testimonial.
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Couldn’t have been happier with Rick’s work, communication, attention to details, responsiveness, and every other aspect you’d expect from a professional.

Rob, Castle Rock, CO

Patrick REALLY knows his stuff. I was very impressed with his level of communication and knowledge of his craft. Highly recommended!

JR, Aurora, CO

I had a difficult project that no one could figure out, and he did. Not only that he clearly communicated every step of the way. I had a phone conversation with him and another developer, the other developer said “this guy really knows what he’s doing.”

Paul and Nancy, Plano, TX